6 Ways to Make Your Nose Smaller: Which Methods Really Work? (2023)

Ever since the rise of social media, more and more people are searching for a way to make their noses smaller.

The Internet is quick to the rescue, offering multiple remedies, videos and tutorials, promising to reduce the size of your nose naturally with exercise, toothpaste, ice, and other home practices. (1)

But do these actually work?

We decided to cover all of these methods to give a clear answer which ones worth a try and which ones are unlikely to provide the result you are looking for.

How Do I Reduce the Size of My Nose?

There is a reason why rhinoplasty – or a nose job – is the third most popular cosmetic surgery. A relatively small procedure that takes about 1 hour in most cases can change the shape, size, and overall appearance of your nose in a permanent way.

People are looking to change various features of their noses. Some think it’s too big overall, some are not happy with the shape of the tip, others are worried about how wide it is.

You can address some of these issues with the methods discussed further down the article but rhinoplasty is the only reliable way to fix all of these irregularities once and for all.

How to Make My Nose Smaller Naturally?

We are now entering the realm of home remedies that promise to reduce the size of your nose. Let’s discuss the most popular ones one by one.


The idea that you can change the size of your nose with facial exercises is still being hotly debated. There are some people who swear that repeating various exercises or holding certain facial positions can make a permanent difference.

The truth is, they won’t. The reason is simple, your nose is made up of cartilage covered in a thin layer of skin. Unlike muscles, cartilage can’t be shaped by exercise, no matter how many times you repeat a movement.

You can even come across homemade facial molds you can use to reshape your nose. We would advise you to stay away from them as they lack any scientific evidence of producing results and can even be outright dangerous in some cases.


There is an element of truth in using ice to reduce the size of your nose. If your nose is bigger due to a traumatic event that has caused swelling, applying ice to it can help to regain the original shape and size faster.

Ice will do nothing to change the normal size of the cartilage and bones though, so it can only be used as a quick remedy after a trauma that has caused swelling of the tissues in and around your nose.


Toothpaste is another remedy mentioned in recent articles, along with anti-inflammatory ingredients such as apple cider vinegar, garlic, and ginger.

Similar to the ice method above, these might have a small effect for reducing swelling faster, helping you to regain the normal size of your nose after an injury or forceful impact but will do nothing to reshape the bone or cartilage structure of the nose.

How to Make Your Nose Smaller Overnight?

If you need instant results, there is a simple way to make your nose appear smaller or narrower. It’s called contouring with makeup.

There are many video tutorials online that teach you how to do this in detail.

The main steps usually include:

  • Apply a foundation or concealer to the sides of your nose. Use a shade that’s close to your skin color.
  • Blend the concealer with a sponge until it’s smooth everywhere. You can also apply matte setting powder to it.
  • Using a bronzer 2 shades darker, draw 2 lines down the side of your nose. The closer the lines the narrower look you will get.
  • With a blender, smoothen the lines until the shadows and highlights make your nose look slimmer naturally.

Non-surgical Methods

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty methods usually involve the use of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers. This quick procedure takes only 15-20 minutes so you can be in and out even during a lunch break.

This is a temporary method with results typically lasting between 3-6 months.

The injected filler can even out smaller irregularities such as bumps and asymmetries. The most popular brand used is Juvederm.

While nonsurgical rhinoplasty – or “liquid nose job” – is a faster and cheaper cosmetic procedure than rhinoplasty surgery, it can only produce temporary results and the change will be much less dramatic.

Surgical Nose Reduction

Rhinoplasty or nose correction surgery has become very popular in recent years.

This surgery can be performed in the clinic under local anaesthesia, or it may require a general anaesthetic depending on the extent of correction required and also your personal preference.

The procedure typically takes just 45 minutes to complete but more complex rhinoplasty cases might take up to two hours.

Some of the issues rhinoplasty can fix include a droopy nose, a boxer’s bridge (a more rounded appearance), an uneven or bumpy nasal tip, and an overall size reduction of the nose.

The surgery can also reduce any unsightly hump that may be present.

The two main types of rhinoplasty are open and closed.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is performed with the patient awake.

It is considered to be less invasive as there are no incisions needed on the outside of the nose and there is less post-operative discomfort.

The surgery is done through the nostrils and can be used for many types of tip correction, removing humps, and reducing the size of nasal bones and cartilage.

This is the preferred method atand we have performed this type of facial surgery on hundreds of satisfied patients already.

Open Rhinoplasty

Reserved for cases where the surgeon needs access to parts of the nose structure that can’t be reached via the nostrils.

It involves incisions on the outside of the nose allowing the surgeon to lift the skin to expose the nasal skeleton.

Open rhinoplasty is used for more complex reconstructive and secondary surgeries.

The recovery time will be longer than in the case of closer rhinoplasty and there will be some small scars visible on the skin but these fade away with time.


If you’ve been wondering how to make your nose smaller, there are a few options.

You can try some home remedies that don’t work or use makeup to help disguise the sizeof your nose with creative techniques.

Nonsurgical rhinoplasty offers a temporary solution to make your nose appear slimmer.

If you want permanent results, consider the surgical procedure that can give you what you really desire – a smaller nose!

Are there any other cosmetic surgery concerns or questions we could help with?

Book an appointment today and let’s chat about how our consultant rhinoplasty surgeon can improve your appearance.


Why is my nose so big?

The size of your nose is mainly determined by your genetics but can also change over time as your nose grows with aging.

Many larger noses are more prominent because they have a higher angle from the bridge to the nostril than smaller noses do. Larger noses also tend to be wider, which can make them look even bigger.

Can your nose change size?

As you get older your nose may look different on the outside because it changes shape.

While some people debate if the cartilage actually grows others believe that they can clearly see their nose change shape over time.

Can toothpaste make your nose smaller?

No. Toothpaste and other remedies such as garlic and ginger will not change the size of the cartilage in your nose even if many people claim this in some videos.

Do nose shapers actually work?

The nose-shaping industry is not a very well-researched one with minimal data available on the effectiveness of these types of devices. Whilst some report that shapers can help to make your nose appear slimmer and straighter, there are also reports claiming injury as a result of using this type of device.


What is the easiest way to make your nose smaller? ›

Can you make your nose smaller naturally? Nose surgery is the only way to permanently alter the size of the nose. This is because your nose shape is based on your nasal cartilage and bone and while muscles can be shaped by exercise, the only way to reshape the nasal cartilage is by rhinoplasty surgery.

How can I shrink my nose naturally? ›

There aren't any scientifically-proven ways of making the nose smaller naturally and any promises made to this effect should be treated with great caution and care. There are some make-up techniques that can give the nose the appearance of being smaller, but again these are only temporary solutions.

Can pinching nose make it smaller? ›

There's no scientific evidence that nose exercises or “nose yoga” can reshape your nose. An example of a nose exercise that's being promoted on many websites is pinching your nose while flaring your nostrils.

How do I make my nose smaller without surgery? ›

Non-surgical nose job, or, as some call it, “liquid rhinoplasty”, is a treatment done by injecting hyaluronic acid (HA) dermal fillers into the nose to temporarily tweak it's shape. Dermal fillers are used to reshape the contours of the nose, with small adjustments mainly to the bridge of the nose.

How can I make my nose look smaller overnight? ›

The basic idea is simple:
  1. Using bronzer. that's two shades darker than your skin tone, outline your nose on both sides.
  2. Use a matte. highlighter to trace the narrow outline of your nose and bring attention to it.
  3. Use a beauty. blender to play up the shadows and highlights of this effect. It may take some.
Jun 14, 2018

Can you really reshape your nose without surgery? ›

In non-surgical nose reshaping, a filler such as Radiesse, Juvederm, or Restylane is injected into the nose to achieve a more pleasing shape. A bumpy nose can be made to look smaller by camouflaging the bumps and straightening the profile. A crooked nose can also be made straighter, and a droopy tip can be raised.

Do noses get thinner as we age? ›

With age, the skin of the nose becomes thin and the sebaceous glands of the nose increase, and due to an increase in sebaceous activity, the skin of the nose becomes heavier, glandular, and vascular which further will cause the nasal tip to droop.

Can I change my nose shape by pressing? ›

No, you cannot change the shape of your nose by simply pressing on it. Your nose is made up of bone, cartilage, and soft tissue, and it is firmly attached to the rest of your face. Applying pressure to your nose may cause temporary swelling or redness, but it will not permanently alter the shape of your nose.

What would I look like with a smaller nose? ›

The best way to know how would you look with a smaller nose is by downloading a free nose shape editor app. The YouCam Makeup app is the best nose editor app to see yourself with a bigger or smaller nose via live camera and photos.

Does compressing nose make it smaller? ›

External pressure or squeezing of the nose will not result in permanent changes to the shape of your nose. At age 18, the cartilage and bones that make up the nose are not malleable so cannot be molded. Surgery is the only way to change the structure and shape of the nose.

What do you do if you have a big nose? ›

Like nose reshaping techniques, the primary procedure to address nose size is rhinoplasty (a.k.a. “nose job”). Both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty options exist that can help to either augment or reduce the size of the nose. Additionally, an alarplasty can be performed to change the size of the nostrils.

How can I make my nose look thinner and smaller? ›

To create the illusion of a thinner nose, apply aconcealer that's a shade or two lighter than your skin tone. Add this on either side of your nose and set it with powder. This nose contour makeup trick will cancel out the shadows and give you a slender nose.

Does nose shaper work? ›

These devices are unable to permanently change the structure of the nose, with any apparent differences that may occur being temporary. If using 'at home' nose shapers during adolescence, this can interfere with natural development, particularly for teens, which can lead to permanent bruising.

Can my nose be made smaller? ›

By the time most people are 16 years old, their nose has fully developed. If a person is unhappy with how large their nose is, a reduction rhinoplasty procedure can make it smaller. This procedure can change the shape and size, from the tip of the bridge down to the nostrils.

Can your nose get smaller if you lose weight? ›

No, your nose is not affected by weight loss. Since the nose is made of bone, cartilage, and skin, it has no fat cells.

Are nose jobs painful? ›

Is rhinoplasty painful? Not for most people. One day after surgery, most people rate their pain between 0 and 4 out of 10.


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