LOZ: Tears of the Kingdom 20fps, 30fps & 60fps Patch (2023)

LOZ: Tears of the Kingdom 20fps, 30fps & 60fps Patch (1)


  • Authorsomerandompeople
  • Creation dateMay 1, 2023

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Mod credits: ChuckFeedAndSeed, patchanon, somerandompeople
Note for ChuckFeedAndSeed: It should be possible to add our own functions to the game by converting the main file to an elf, dumping each of the sections, appending whatever we need, then reassembling the elf and converting it back to a main file. That being said, this will probably produce larger patches, but would have the advantage of us being able to add our own code, and even use gcc.
Update to the note above: I have a setup which lets me do this, but there's only 0x50 bytes of space to work with until writing any more code would cause shifting. We will probably need to find a better solution for this.
Install Instructions

  • Download your desired patches, and extract them into the game's mods directory.
  • Note that if you are using one of the static fps patches, if you cannot emulate the game at full speed, it will run in slow motion. This is not a bug.
  • Note that using the dynamic 30 fps patch, and setting the emulator speed to 200% is not a more stable way to run the game at 60fps. I don't know where this myth came from, but it is only going to introduce additional bugs, such as double blood moon rate, and double speed timers. It will also ruin your save game's timestamp, among other things. Do not do this, if you want 60 fps, just use the 60 fps mod.


  • For any of the dynamic FPS versions, make sure that "Use Fast GPU Time (Hack)" under Graphics -> Advanced is disabled
    • Additionally note that you can get achieve higher framerates with the dynamic versions by pressing `Ctrl + U` to unlock the framerate. Keep in mind that this may introduce extra stuttering, and use more resources.


  • Note that you can get achieve higher framerates with the dynamic versions by disabling vsync

Common User Error:

  • The Game is softlocking when I press continue on the game over screen: You are on game version 1.0.0, update to 1.1.0

Known Bugs:

  • With the 60 fps patches, the background blur effect in the weapon switch UI and other similar effects appear completely black. Note that there seems to be a separate mod which fixes this by modifying some game files. I am not including it here since it provides game files. Despite this, the game is playable from start to finish without any major issues.
  • With the 60 fps patches, FMV (video) cutscenes play at double speed. I have done reverse engineering on the movie player, and it is configured to play 1 movie frame per frame. This number is an integer, so I cannot reduce it. I think it could be fixed by setting the update interval back to 30 fps, but haven't found a good way to do this.
    For the time being, you can find a separate mod which reencoded the video files to be at 60fps. I am not including it here since it provides game files. You can also recreate this mod yourself by dumping the video files from `Event/Movie` and `Event/EventFlow`, and reencoding them at 60fps.
  • The dynamic fps patch currently behaves incorrectly in response to shader compilation stutter, and may jolt you forward during these moments. A fix for this might be to run the game at normal speed if your frametime is too high, but is yet to be implemented.
  • I have seen some reports that there may still be crashing on Ryujinx. I cannot reproduce this. If experience this, right click the game, go to `Cache Management` and click `Queue PPTC Rebuild`. If you contunue experience this, please post your settings and enabled mods to help me investigate.

Important Notes:

  • If anyone is charging you for an fps mod, or asking you for money, or is producing a 'paid fps mod', do not buy it, you are being scammed. The community of this game is providing, and has already provided everything you need to play the game at higher framerates, completely for free.
  • This page is the only place that I am posting this mod. If you have downloaded any of the assets from other sources, keep in mind that they may be out of date, or provide outdated or inaccurate information.


EDIT: Update 0.2 Released, should fix shrine FPS in 60fps. FMVs are still sped up.
EDIT 2: Updated the patches for the latest 1.1.0 release of TOTK. 60FPS doesn't seem to crash anymore when after game over, not sure why it's fixed but I won't look a gift horse in the mouth.
EDIT 3: Added a 20fps version, as well as a visual fixes mod that has an alternative method of disabling FSR and dynamic resolution, as well as a shadow resolution option, a FXAA disabler (probably HW only,) and a high LOD option (also probably HW only).
I am also aware of the black screen bug when weapon switching, and I don't plan on fixing it.
EDIT 4: Added ChuckFeedAndSeed's dynamic fps patches. There are now static and non-static versions of the mod. Use whichever you prefer. If you use one of the dynamic fps versions, I suggest disabling any 'fast gpu time' hack in the emulator settings. If you experience bugs with the dynamic fps patches, please inform ChuckFeedAndSeed.
Additionally, note that I have done reverse engineering on the movie player, and it is configured to play 1 movie frame per frame. This number is an integer, so I cannot reduce it. I think it could be fixed by setting the update interval back to 30 fps, but haven't found a good way to do this. In the mean time, there is a mod which reencodes the videos at 60fps (which I will not provide since those are game files.)
Finally, for the black screen issue, the reason that I do not plan to fix it is because it is so bizarre. I have no idea where to even begin looking to fix it. It is not for any malignant reason.
In the next update, I plan to have either fmv cutscenes fixed, or 120 fps. Have fun guys!

  • LOZ: Tears of the Kingdom 20fps, 30fps & 60fps Patch (2)
  • LOZ: Tears of the Kingdom 20fps, 30fps & 60fps Patch (3)
  • LOZ: Tears of the Kingdom 20fps, 30fps & 60fps Patch (4)


vicdanny1975, Joesph Thompson, billybobxxx and 68 others
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Latest updates

  1. Fix Ryujinx comments

    As it turns out, Ryujinx can't load patch files which have comments at the top. Here is a quick...

  2. Fix hierarchy mistake in my last post

    Sorry for the mistake, not sure how I uploaded files which still had the incorrect hierarchy...

  3. Added version comment to prevent confusion, fixed hierarchy change

    I added a comment at the top of the mod so that users can quickly check the version they are...

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Latest reviews


  • Schmebulok
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Today at 12:13 AM
  • Version:

Recent Update ABSOLUTEY FUCKS, since the framerate is now dynamic and no longer static i.e game speed not being *fully* linked to framerate (kinda), is it at all possible to get higher fps versions? I'm on a 4090/12900ks and I really wanna see how far I can push it


  • Visceral_88
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Yesterday at 1:10 PM
  • Version:

(Edit: using the 60fps mod fyi)
Loving this mod been meaning to comment, only issue now I come across besides the visual fixes not working properly on ryujinx as how other users have stated.. is that upon entering the depths performance just dips and stays down despite tinkering with settings. Not sure if that's something on the end of ryu optimizing the game or the mod. Anyway thank you so much for the work you're doing.

(Video) MASSIVE Update Hits for Tears of the Kingdom! FPS Issues FIXED!

  • NekoCatMeow
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Yesterday at 11:32 AM
  • Version:

For some reason, after installing the new 60fps version, i get stuck to the loading screen from main menu


  • Taiba
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Yesterday at 11:31 AM
  • Version:

Work great thanks !


  • loocool2
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Yesterday at 10:35 AM
  • Version:

After removing all the stop commands except the last one, the LOD mod began to crash ToTK so I had to disable that, but I was able to enable the FSR mod again now. Not sure why, but very good.

(Video) Zelda TOTK 30/60FPS Patch Ryujinx

  • Slashㅤ
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Yesterday at 7:51 AM
  • Version:

The pchtxt can't contain numerous @stop entries, as that tells it to stop parsing the pchtxt entirely. You should remove all but the last @stop command, then the mod will work properly in Ryujinx.

Outside from having to fix the pchtext, the mod works pretty well in both Ryujinx and in yuzu.

Towards the note: It would be a good idea to look into the SSBU Skyline environment, adapting that to TOTK, and using it for patching in dynamic FPS. https://github.com/skyline-dev/skyline

  • a8584659
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Yesterday at 2:31 AM
  • Version:

Great work! Thanks!

(Video) ZELDA TEARS OF THE KINGDOM - Nintendo Switch FRAME RATE TEST 🚀 Analysis & Gameplay Ver 1.1.0 (FPS)

  • Aaronstar
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Yesterday at 2:13 AM
  • Version:

writing for the third time because you can only leave one review.
im trying to rerender the movies for 60fps but im having some troubles. its a bit glitchy when played in the emulater.
i figured out there are some .zs files in event flow i need to edit, but im not quite sure how to go about that yet.

awesome mod!


  • battousai0422
  • 4.00 star(s)
  • Monday at 10:35 PM
  • Version:

can someone direct me to links for optimization for totk on ryu? Using firmware 16.0.1 and 1.1 update. -- I installed the 60 fps and visual fix. If any others help i'd be thankful for info ^_^ maybe a shader cache available? i'm super sick atm, a dm would be super awesome..

  • R9HAX
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Monday at 8:21 PM
  • Version:
(Video) Ryujinx Best Performance Settings For The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom | Low FPS

Still love this mod. The hierarchy thing had me taking about 2 hour to figure out what was going on it cause yuzu to crash then I made it worse. But after I finally troubleshooted a bunch it worked amazing. Thx I feel stupid thinking it was corrupted or something lol.

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Does Tears of the Kingdom run at 60FPS? ›

So, there you go - Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom running at a consistent 30fps (and higher than this) on actual Switch hardware. To learn more about the performance of this title, check out Digital Foundry's analysis.

What framerate is Tears of the Kingdom? ›

In terms of performance, the game target a frame rate of 30 fps in both the docked and portable mode, and largely maintains it.

Is 20 30 fps playable? ›

Some people are OK with getting 20-30 FPS, though it may depend on the game. Getting less than 30 FPS in a fast-paced game may still feel unplayable to some gamers. 30-45 FPS: Playable. Most people are OK playing at this frame rate, even if it's not perfect.

How do I make 30fps look like 60FPS in games? ›

  1. Lower the settings further. ...
  2. Use Vsync (which it sounds like you are).
  3. Enable motion blurr (something consoles frequently do to hide the choppiness)
  4. Try to find settings that you can vsync at 60HZ/FPS.
  5. Make sure installed games are on your SSD if you have one.

Is Nuclear Throne capped at 30 fps? ›

Frame rate is capped at 30 FPS. Projectiles may bounce differently when changing the cap. Install Nuclear Throne Together. Create and open startup.

Will Xbox one games run at 60fps? ›

Xbox FPS Boost allows select backward-compatible Xbox games to run at double or even quadruple the original framerate without any developer input, so the games you remember running at 30fps can now hit the heady heights of 60fps or even 120fps to make for an even better experience.

Does low FPS cause tearing? ›

Although a lot of gamers might not think of having a higher FPS (Frames Per Second) than your monitor's maximum refresh rate as a big problem, it can cause obvious screen tearing, which can be quite annoying. Of course, screen tearing can also occur if your frame rate is lower than the refresh rate of your display.

How many milliseconds per frame is 30 fps? ›

33.34ms is 30 FPS.

What is the highest framerate? ›

At 70 trillion frames per second, it's fast enough to document nuclear fusion and radioactive molecule decay. Scientists developed a new camera that can take a whopping 70 trillion frames per second.

Is 30 FPS vs 60 FPS noticeable? ›

The difference between them is not immediately noticeable, but it's there! Unless you want to reproduce old movies or get that cinematic feel, look no further than 30fps.

Is 20 FPS laggy? ›

Any time that little yellow counter drops below around 25-30 FPS or so, especially in fast-paced games, you're going to feel some amount of graphics lag. If it drops below around 15-20 FPS then you'll really feel it.

Is 30 to 60 FPS noticeable? ›

Many gamers will say that there is no difference at all between 30 and 60 FPS, or any other frame-rate above 30 for that matter. That as long as the frame-rate is a constant 30 FPS or close to it that it will be 'buttery smooth' and provide an enjoyable experience.

Why is 60 FPS so smooth? ›

60 fps greatly reduces LCD motion blur

But there's an important detail: The screen isn't blurry, it only looks blurry. The blur happens in your eye, and it's because of persistent LCD frames in combination with – you guessed it – low frame rates.

Is 30 FPS smooth for gaming? ›

For example, if you played a game that is optimized for 30fps on console, it will feel smooth with no obvious input delay or stutteriness. However if you played that same game on PC with a 30fps framerate lock, it will feel horribly jagged, stuttery, screen tearing, etc.

Why 60fps looks smoother? ›

A video with 60fps gives that weird vibe because we see less of the blur in motion with the fast-moving subjects than we normally expect. Basically, your eyes are saying that the motion is captured with less blurs than what we are used to seeing in real-life.

Should I cap my FPS to unlimited? ›

Should you cap your FPS to your refresh rate? If you cap your frame rate to your monitor's refresh rate, you'll likely notice some minor hitching in your game. It's not bad to cap. It keeps your silicon cooler, helping with longevity of parts and reducing fan noise.

Can God of War run 120 FPS? ›

God of War Ragnarok comes with support for 120 FPS gameplay, in addition to a few other graphics modes that target different frame rates.

What is the default FPS in nuke? ›

By default the image sequences will import at 24 FPS, based on the setting in Edit>Preferences>Project Defaults>General>frame rate.

How many FPS can the eye see? ›

Some experts will tell you that the human eye can see between 30 and 60 frames per second. Some maintain that it's not really possible for the human eye to perceive more than 60 frames per second.

What is the fastest Xbox? ›

Play thousands of games from four generations of Xbox with the next-gen console that best fits your style of play. Xbox Series X is the fastest, most powerful Xbox yet. Xbox Series S offers next-gen performance in the smallest Xbox ever.

Can Xbox run 100 fps? ›

One of the exciting new features of the Xbox Series X|S console family is the ability to run games at 120 FPS, providing a smoother experience than previous generations that capped out at 60 FPS.

What is the biggest cause for FPS drops? ›

The most common reason for reduced FPS is graphics settings that create a larger workload than your hardware can handle. So how do you achieve better FPS? Getting a faster CPU, more RAM, or a newer graphics card is one solution.

Is it bad to use VSync? ›

By itself, VSync has no bearing on graphical quality, but enabling it eliminates ugly screen tearing. While that may seem like a no-brainer, it can also tank your frame rate and increase input lag—both of which are the bane of competitive gaming.

What is the disadvantage of low FPS? ›

Low fps is undesirable because it can make your games look choppy, blurry, and laggy. Low fps can also increase input lag, which can make your games feel sluggish and unresponsive. Low fps can also cause stuttering, which is a sudden drop or spike in fps that can disrupt your gameplay and immersion.

Is 30 fps fast or slow? ›

Typically, video is recorded at a higher frame rate and then slowed down to 24fps or 30fps in post-production to create that smooth slow-motion effect.

When should I shoot 30 fps? ›

30fps is well-suited for live broadcasts of news and sports action. It's also great to add more detail to fast-moving videos. 60fps, on the other hand, is ideal for shooting slow-mo content. It produces a smooth effect for high-quality footage.

How much faster is 30 fps to 24 fps? ›

This 24fps vs 30fps ratio is easy to remember though! If we take a 30fps clip and interpret it to 24fps, we get an 80% playback, since 24 is 80% of 30. This is going to slow the footage down, ever so slightly, and that gives us a more dreamy type look, but things still look real time.

Does 120 fps exist? ›

Different Refresh Rate From Different Sources

A TV is only as good as the content you are playing, and unfortunately, very little 120 fps content actually exists.

What FPS is good for smooth gameplay? ›

Basically, 60 FPS serves as a benchmark for smooth gameplay, where there is also — as described before — a more direct input. At 30 FPS, delays can occur, which can result in noticeably delayed input in action-packed games.

Which frame rate is best for 1080p video? ›

For videos, shooting standard 1080p is best at 15–30 fps while 4K UHD 2160p would look best at >30 fps. While the notion is that higher resolution video looks better with higher frame rates is really dependent on the display capabilities.

How many FPS is too low? ›

Generally, higher FPS helps the game run faster and smoother, allowing for more immersive gameplay. Lower FPS can lead to choppy and obtrusive lags. For consistently smooth gameplay, aim for 45 FPS or higher, though most games are still playable at 30 FPS.

What happens when you convert 30fps to 60fps? ›

That said, you are suggested to convert videos to 60fps, the standard frame rate, for the following reasons: If you use an LCD screen, you reduce motion blur by converting 30fps to 60fps or 24fps to 60fps. Converting videos to 60fps guarantees that they become smooth and sharp.

Does 60fps really matter? ›

The 60fps provides smoother motion and is now widely used in some high-end HDTVs and especially in some games. Typically, a video recorded in 60fps is slowed down to 24fps or 30fps in post-production to create that smooth slow-motion effect.

Why am I lagging when I have good internet? ›

Wi-Fi will lag when playing even the best online games based on two factors: your bandwidth, which is how much data can be transferred at a time (the higher the number, the better) and your ping, which is how long it takes requests from your network to reach and then come back from the server (the lower the number, the ...

Does RAM help with FPS? ›

RAM can improve frame rates and frame pacing when playing games. Check both capacity and speed when choosing RAM. Know the difference between form factors like DIMM and SO-DIMM. Get at least 16GB of RAM to play modern games, and more if you multitask.

How many FPS is too much? ›

For a normal size monitor, at a normal viewing distance, anything above 4000–5000 FPS should be pointless (assuming also you have a 4–5 kHz monitor). This is based on how quickly something can be moving while your brain is still able to make it out.

Why do people prefer 30 FPS over 60? ›

With more motion resolution, it's easier to pick up on pop-in, screen space defects and other visual oddities that are more easily hidden in a lower frame rate. For example, when my best friend got a PS5, he played Days Gone for the second time after beating it first on his PS4.

What is the rule for 60 FPS? ›

As a good rule of thumb, your shutter speed should be double your frame rate whenever possible. So if you're shooting at 60 fps, it's best to have a shutter speed of 1/120th or more. This will prevent motion blur and give you smooth, clear video.

Which is better 1080p 60fps or 4K 30fps? ›

If you are looking for quality and your device can support that, 4K will be your best choice, otherwise 1080p 60fps is enough. Some scenes don't need to pursue the effect, as it may also lead to a slower speed.

What is the lowest smooth FPS? ›

60 fps will lend you incredibly smooth gameplay, but a lower frame rate speed will give you better graphics. The choice is yours, but if you're looking for a stable balance, 45 fps is a good target.

How do I make low FPS feel smooth? ›

If you're seeing low FPS in-game, there are a few steps you can take immediately.
  1. Close background processes. ...
  2. Update the game. ...
  3. Update your graphics drivers. ...
  4. Search for player tweaks and mods. ...
  5. Repair your install.

Why does my 60fps look choppy? ›

Judder occurs when the frame rate of your game can't be evenly divided by your monitor's refresh rate. So, in this case 60 fps can't be evenly divided by a 144hz monitor but a 120hz could do it perfectly. When this happens some frames are shown for longer than others and this is what causes the choppiness in the image.

Why does 30 FPS look so choppy? ›

its because at 30 fps you move your mouse and it takes 1/30 of a second to load the next frame of you mouse in the new position, at 60 fps it is 1/60 of a second and so on so the higher the fps the less lag between you moving you mouse and seeing the results.

Why does 30 FPS feel so choppy? ›

30 fps sometimes lag on a pc but not console because console is usually better at optimizing your fps. If you have a good fps limiter installed on your pc, it would feel the same as console and not laggy at all.

Does 60fps need more light? ›

yes, lower frame rate equals higher exposure (more light) because the camera has more time in each frame to take in more light. it is how all cameras in the world work. if you go into slowmo, notice how dark it gets.

Does higher FPS look better? ›

Higher frames per second, also known as frame rates, make the image appear smoother and more realistic. Subjectively, there's a huge jump between 15fps and 30fps. There's less of a noticeable jump between 30 and 60, and even less between 60 and 120.

How much slower is 60fps? ›

For example, if you record 60 frames per second, you can slow it down by half; 120 frames can be retimed to 25%, and so on. The more frames per second you can record, the more detailed and sharp your slow-motion will appear.

Does God of War run at 60 FPS on PS5? ›

As a reminder, in performance mode, the game runs at a near-flawless 60 fps with a resolution that ranges from 1440p to native 4K. Enabling the high frame rate mode will unlock the frame rate, allowing the PS5 to render as many frames as it possibly can.

Is God of War on PC capped at 60 FPS? ›

Unlike a game like Halo Infinite, resolution is more important than frame rate in God of War. 60 fps is the target, and the RTX 3070 hits it at 4K.

Is the God of War Collection 60fps? ›

God of War Collection is a remastered port of God of War and God of War II. It is the first game under Sony's line of "Classics HD." The collection features high-definition 720p anti-aliased graphics at 60 frames per second and Trophies.

Is Kingdom Hearts 1 60fps? ›

With these games, instead of the standard 30fps that came with each of the collection's original, non-remastered titles, players could now experience the Kingdom Hearts series in 60fps, which was, and still is, the basic standard of modern games — for consoles anyway.

How old is Kratos? ›

In God of War Ragnarök, it's likely that Kratos is around 1,055 years old. He's something of an old man, but as a demigod, he is still more than young enough to hold his own and then some in battle.

How do I force 60FPS on PS5? ›

The Short Version
  1. Turn on and log into your PS5.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to Saved Data and Game/App Settings.
  4. Go to Game Presets.
  5. Click on Performance Mode or Resolution Mode.
  6. Choose your preferred mode.
Jul 26, 2022

How tall is Kratos? ›

How tall is Kratos in God of War Ragnarök? Officially, Kratos is currently six foot and four inches. This is his redesigned height for the 2018 God of War and now its sequel, Ragnarök.

Is 60fps bad for gaming? ›

If you have a 144hz monitor then 60fps is terrible. The “best” framerate for gaming is the framerate where your eyes stop noticing that it's a framerate. Once it goes beyond what you can easily tell isn't as fluid as it would be in reality, that's when you've reached the framerate that's best for you.

Is 60fps on PC bad? ›

60 fps will lend you incredibly smooth gameplay, but a lower frame rate speed will give you better graphics. The choice is yours, but if you're looking for a stable balance, 45 fps is a good target.

Is it better to limit FPS to 60? ›

You should only cap your FPS if you are starting to see screen tearing and possibly ghosting on your monitor. If you are starting to see screen tearing, then cap it to your refresh rate that way everything stays in check. You should also turn on V sync if you can.

Will Gow Ragnarok have 120 fps? ›

Favour Resolution (High Frame Rate): 4K resolution at a locked 40fps (TV with HDMI 2.1 support needed) Favour Performance (High Frame Rate): Targets 120fps (TV with HDMI 2.1 support needed)

Is Gow 120 fps? ›

God of War Ragnarok comes with support for 120 FPS gameplay, in addition to a few other graphics modes that target different frame rates.

How do you get 120 fps in God of War? ›

As always with the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, your television will need to support HDMI 2.1 in order to use the 120hz option. The HDMI 2.1-exclusive 40 FPS option, meanwhile, is very similar to the one we saw in last month's The Last of Us Part I.

How many FPS is Xbox 1s? ›

The Xbox One S and All-Digital Edition are both capable of up to 1080p graphics running at 60fps. Not all games achieve those heady heights, but the included 12 GCN compute units, running at 914MHz can reach it.

How many hours is 1 game of Kingdom Hearts? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Kingdom Hearts is about 28½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 62½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How much FPS does Zelda Switch have? ›

Zelda runs at 900p, 30 fps.


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